Taylor Baptist Association


Taylor Baptist Association is an association of 18 Southern Baptist Churches in Taylor County, Florida.
Our purpose is to equip and assist our member churches to accomplish their ministries.

Associational Missions Strategist - Dr. Henry Cannington Jr.

Administrative Assistant - Hannah Carter

Office Hours - Monday to Thursday 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Taylor Baptist Association holds to the beliefs set forth by the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. On June 14th, 2000, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a revised summary of our faith.

To view the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, click here to see it on the Southern Baptist Convention's web page.



  • Newsletter
    The current Newsletter is available for download. Click here to receive it.
  • Winter Bible Study
    Join us for a stimulating 6 week winter Bible doctrine study at Pisgah Baptist Church entitled "The Things We Believe." This study Started January 14th and will be each Sunday evening at 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Bring your bible and be prepared to take notes.
  • Chili Cook-offFebruary 18th
    Lakeside Baptist Church is having a Chili Cook-off February 18th at starting 12:15pm until 2pm. Bring your best pot of chili! The 3 categories are the most unique, the hottest, and the favorite. Come and join us and be part of the fun and fellowship as we get to taste all the different types of chili.
  • Conference
    Join us for the "Iran, Israel, and Christ Return Conference" led by Al Gist. The first set of meetings will be held at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, February 18th - 21st. The second set of meetings will be held at Athena Baptist Church, February 23rd - 25th. For more information contact Pleasant Grove or Athena Baptist Church.
  • IF Women's GatheringFebruary 24th
    This years IF Gathering will be Friday, February 23rd and Saturday, February 24th at Calvary Baptist Church. All women in the community are invited and encouraged to attend. IF Gathering is a gathering of women committed to discipleship who gather across denominations, generations, and cultures to be in the Word and worship together. This event will be livestreamed from Dallas, Texas. Registration cost is $20/person and includes breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Registration closes on February 15th. To register and for more information visit calvarybcp.com/if2024
  • RevivalMarch 3rd
    Lakeside Baptist Church will have Revival Services March 3rd - 6th. Trent Johnson will be the guest speaker.
  • Week Of PrayerMarch 3rd - 10th
    Week of Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Offering
  • Administrative CommitteeMarch 4th
    Administrative Committee, 9:00am
  • Executive BoardMarch 18th
    Executive Board, 9:00am
  • Good FridayMarch 29th
  • EasterMarch 31st
  • Message from Henry Cannington
           I'll bet you are ready for a break from winter boredom! Warm months bring lots of activities-fishing trips, swimming, kayaking, family get-togethers, turkey hunting, getting back to church. Hey, wait a minute! How did CHURCH get into this picture?
           Your subliminal mind is reminding you that this is the time of the year that many begin thinking about getting back to God. Something amazing happens in February. During a month when people grow weary of winter, the statistics show many families seek out the church. For this reason, February and March are often months when Sunday School attendance is highest. It was for us at CBC.
           Sunday School always was a major priority for me as pastor because it serves as the greatest tool for reaching the lost and disciplining believers. I challenge all of our churches in our association to study your attendance records to determine your peak months for attendance. Then consider how your Bible study groups or classes can be ready for the arrival of first-time guest.
           Let me give a few pointers that growing churches found to be a great help in reaching these new people. First, make an intensive effort for your people to be seen as a caring, receptive, friendly family. Encourage your people to welcome every person who arrives for Bible study and worship. We always made sure that every class and section of our worship center had an assigned greeter so no-one would be able to say, "Not even one person spoke to us when we worshiped at CBC."
           Next, when a newcomer attended our Bible study class or group, we made it a point to ask them if they would like to be enrolled. We felt the unspoken message is: You are welcome here. We accept you just as you are. We want you to be a part of our group. We sought to enroll anyone, anywhere, and anytime into our Bible study groups.
           Finally, make sure your teachers are providing exciting, life-changing Bible studies for those God brings your way. Remember Jesus said, "But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself" (John 12:32).
           This month, commit to getting your church ready for people God will draw to Himself. Remember the 3 P's for church growth: Pray, Prepare, and Preform. I believe, if you lift up Jesus Christ through clear, forceful proclamation and teaching of God's Word, people of all ages will be attracted to faith in the Son of God.
           My heart rejoices when I see all the amazing things God is doing in our association. Join me as we pray for a mighty move of God in our area. When you see those vast fields spread out before you, white unto harvest, pray!
                 Henry Cannington

  • Missions
  • Mission Spot Light
    Please continue to be in pray for Hunter and Kaylyn Searcy as they serve the Lord in Brazil. With their upcoming oral language interviews, please be in prayer that they are able to recall the information they have learned. Pray for their team as they go through some big transitions together in the coming months. Pray for cooperation between Baptist churches in their area.
  • Florida Baptist Convention News
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Phone: 850-584-8025
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