Taylor Baptist Association
Thursday, March 30, 2017

About Us


F A M I L Y 

Taylor Baptist Association is a family. In fact, F.A.M.I.L.Y. is a key component of our Purpose and Mission Statement: Our Family Helping Your Family to Be God's Family
F stands for FAITH. We believe that the association can have a vital role in helping our churches attain an even high level of service to the One in whom we hold our faith.
A stands for ASSISTANCE. It is not the mandate, nor the objective of the association to minister to the individual person, but rather to assist the local congregation to be better prepared to do "the work of the church."
M stands for MINISTRY. The association stands ready to help prepare the local church for its perceived ministry needs.
I stands for INTEGRITY. The trust of local churches must be maintained and the resources that are made available to the associational leadership must be parceled out evenhandedly. The attitude of equality and good stewardship must underwrite every decision.
L stands for LEADERSHIP. One of the major goals for an association should be, so far as we are able, to help our churches develop strong leadership in whatever areas of ministry they care to undertake.
Y stands for YOUR FAMILY.  We want to help your church family do a better job, and through them, to minister to your very own family. We are busy dealing with small groups of people who make up your family.