Taylor Baptist Association
Thursday, March 30, 2017


Taylor Association is involved in many ministries, including construction projects. Read highlights from our project in Nicaragua and Honduras and check back often for reports from other ministries.

God said we have a job to do and if you'll only trust me great things can happen in my name. God opened all the doors, supplied all the needs, and was there through it all.

  • The all-purpose bunkhouse in Puerto Cabezas, Nicragura has taken care of many needs over the last year, including a place for volunteers to stay when they go to work and for all types of Christian meetings and fellowship.
  • The trucks, vans, trailers, tools, equipment etc. that was donated and sent to this new mission field has been a blessing to the missionaries, volunteer workers, and Christian brothers and sisters reaching out to others.
  • Food and medical supplies have met many needs as it has been shipped in.
  • The satellite phone has been a tremendous blessing.
  • We have worked with Jim and Viola Palmer and Tom and Susan Canady, IMB missionaries, who serve in Nicaragua and Honduras.
  • Construction of a separate dinning and meeting facility at the Baptist Camp at Lake Yojo was begun in February 2000 by our teams.
  • 18 new Miskito congregations were begun in 2000.
  • Pastor/leader training has begun at the pastoral training centers, with more than 145 in attendance. Some walk three days one way to attend the week-long training provided quarterly.
  • Construction of the Bible Institute at Waspam, Nicaragua, is well underway, and refurbishing of the Bible Institute at Puerto Limpera, Honduras, has begun.
  • Work and Witness teams have aided in construction of first unit facilities for some of the churches. The first unit consist of a one room 24 ft. by 40 ft. bulding.  The simple building cost about $3,000 for materials in addition to the labor and materials provided by the local congregation.
  • The entire Bible has been published in the Miskito language by the Nicaragua Bible Society. Southern Baptists played a key role in seeing that 10,000 Bibles were published. Other printing priorities are hymbooks, gospel tracts, discipleship and leadership materials.
  • Goals for 2001 include starting 30 congregations with the Miskito people and others in the area of Southern Baptist work.

Thank you Taylor Baptist Association for being a part of this work and allowing people from all over work with us to meet these needs in Central America.